Testify (feat. Brandon Kareem)

by Flowman

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The third official single from Flowman's forthcoming album, SuperFlowSpitta.


V1: Flowman
Dare to be different, gotta stay consistent
Are you really alive if you ain't really livin'?
My goal is feelin' distant, I'm focused on my mission
Yes, other rappers exist, but they no competition!
I'm feelin' reminiscent, I made my own position
Some people say I'm brilliant, but are they really listening?
They say the soul is missin', I guess the tides are shiftin'
'Cause in they music all the lyrics really non-existent
Yeah, you trappin', you real, you got the streets jumpin'
But when you layin' there dead, all you leave is nothin'
Except pain, broken promises, another coffin'
Orphan son, another future dead man walkin'
Rinse, repeat the cycle, hand on the Bible
The truth, the whole truth is what I'm givin' to my rivals
What you call survival, I call it suicidal
Carried by six or judged by twelve at your trial

Hook: Brandon Kareem

I done seen my people die
Did it to ourselves, hear our mama's cry
It ain't easy to ignore the pain
All these years and nothin' ever changed
No more games, we gotta try, a day at a time
Just gotta spread our wings and fly
Thank God we still alive, hands up high
Now listen as I testify

V2: Flowman
2009 I left my city, had to chunk the deuces
Daddy said I'm the best, but now I had to prove it!
Peep the evolution, always forward with the movement
10 percent's the plan, the rest is execution!
I been a loser, hate the feelin', really that's the reason
I snap back at these haters each and every season
Still at war with myself, fought the devil himself
So when these suckas step up, I'm always givin' em hell!
Not a pushover, not an easy out
I don't know what you heard, you need to watch yo' mouth
Used to doin' without, I made my name in a drought
Doubted me back then but what they gonna do now?!
I'm the one that wasn't supposed to make it
Made it hard for ya boy, I been underrated
Never again, I'm out to spill blood in search of a win
It simply is what it is....


released September 23, 2016
Music production by: Sin V Style
Words & lyrics by: Flowman (ASCAP) & Brandon Kareem (BMI)
Additional Vocals: El'Kevon Sullivan
© 2016 So Independent Media Company. All Rights Reserved.



all rights reserved


Flowman Dallas, Texas

Cocky. Arrogant. Mad Genius. Disgruntled. All describe the firebrand Texan emcee known as Flowman. Positioning himself as one of the leaders of DFW's hip-hop scene, his knack for melody, songcraft, and effortless delivery makes him one of the emcees to watch in 2014 and beyond. ... more

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