See The Light

by Flowman

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Promotional single from Flowman ahead of his upcoming project, "SuperFlowSpitta."


Verse 1: Flowman
I paid my money for this plane ride
So how you lookin' down on me? We in the same sky
They askin' questions - like "who is this lame guy?"
As if we ain't fightin' battles on the same side
30 years, 11 months, and 20 days
A lotta time to give a fuck 'bout what these people say
See, I been takin' my time - no
I was bullshitin', time to get on the grind, bro
Congested highways; I detoured to a side road
Makin' my way, swervin', dodgin' these potholes
All that I know is we repeatin' the cycle
If they want war, I'm destroyin' my rivals
But I ain't here for that, I came here to uplift
Since they wrote it down claimin' we just three-fifths of a person
My white fans trippin', guess I'm makin' em nervous
Well, understand this: I was sent with a purpose
Kill 'em wit these verses: deliver a sermon
Wield the sword of truth, the killer of serpents
Cut 'em all down, I'm considered a surgeon
Surrounded by these crazies like a kid at the circus
Been workin' magic now they callin' me Merlin
Don't believe me now, but they'll follow current
....I been a lotta things but I never been perfect

Hook: Flowman
Living in the dark almost all my life
Struggle thru the pain, but I never cry
Never fall off when it's on the line
Where most give up, I'm prepared to fight
I can't quit now, I won't lay it down
Until they see the light

Verse Two: Flowman
I'll never make it; that's what they said - I won't believe it
God gave me a gift and I'm here to receive it
My friends losin' they faith; I know, it's hella tragic
When it ain't goin' they way, they succumb to the panic
But I refuse to judge 'em, I ain't no hypocrite!
I got doubts of my own; I'm no revisionist
Too many criticisms and they all legitimate
Too many times I been in church and wasn't feelin' it!
I had to get past people gettin' shit fucked up
Let go of my hatred and learn to trust love
Even still, I'm only Human tryna fight a demon
So I understand if some people need a better reason
To put it all on the line and march with the legion
I know we stuck in the cold; here comes a better season
'Cause I ain't better than y'all, I'm just another heathen
Tryna get up when he falls

Hook x 2


released March 31, 2015
Produced by ToneP for Flawless Tracks
Lyrics and performance by Flowman
Recorded, mixed, & mastered by Flowman



all rights reserved


Flowman Dallas, Texas

Cocky. Arrogant. Mad Genius. Disgruntled. All describe the firebrand Texan emcee known as Flowman. Positioning himself as one of the leaders of DFW's hip-hop scene, his knack for melody, songcraft, and effortless delivery makes him one of the emcees to watch in 2014 and beyond. ... more

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