Get This Money

by Flowman

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Since the release of Legion: The Rise of the Primarch, Flowman has kept an admittedly low profile. After taking some time off to get "back to the basics", Flowman has announced his upcoming SuperFlowSpitta project, spearheaded with the lead single "Get This Money."

Produced by Scarecrow Beats, Flowman delivers his most focused rhymes to date with his signature staccato flow. The ever-present chip on his shoulder rears its ugly head as he proudly proclaims that his past failures lie solely with himself and that no one will be able to keep him from succeeding.


I never wanted to be a rap star, but shout out to 2 Piece
Remember? We used to write it down in a loose leaf
Huddled 'round the mic kickin' freestyles - no need for a beat
I'm such a helluva writer; so many wanna deny the lyrical skills
'Cause I don't fit the bill of a rapper; such atypical swagger
I leave 'em enamored, though my looks are a factor
'Cause they always wanna judge a book while never readin' a chapter
I refuse to be bitter, it's past my time to deliver
Though I always doubt myself when I look in the mirror
In my soul there's a winner, in my mind there's a killer
But as the leader of this SIK shit, man, I gotta be iller
I gotta be realer - but this is the kicker:
I'm the nicest rapper spittin' that they never consider
And it's my fault! This time around, I'm servin' up all y'all
Haters line up 'cause it's time for the role call

No matter what y'all do
Know I will not lose
As long as I breathe air
No one can compare
Gotta get this money

Reachin' for a point in the sky so high
It's an understatement when they say I'm fly
On a mic, believe the hype, I am poised to deliver
An experience that is realer than ya average spitter
Heavy hitter, what I am is simply more than a man
Continue to wreck a venue; I'm gatherin' fans
They say it's lonely at top; I tend to think that it's not
I'ma bring my fam wit me and let them haters just watch
Go ahead and kick rocks if you doubtin' me now
No stoppin' me now, I strive to make my family proud
Knowin' I got it made, I pull the pin from grenades
And bomb any hater tryna -rain- on my parade
Deuces, I'll holla later, no common denominator
A lyrical terminator, I promise to dominate 'em
An eclipse, I'm known to fade 'em; they literally scared to face him
F-L-O-Dub, you knowin' he's somethin' major

Oh, yes, the city is mine, folk! Take a look at the time, hoe!
So SIK, here we are, representin’ the Nine-Oh-
Trey wit that flame while they struggle to maintain
Adaptin’ everyday to however the game change
Gotta get this money, yes, the feeling's so lovely
Though some ackin' funny, many others adore me
Super spitta, I'ma winner, not too far from a killer
Though I live the high life, I'm no bottle of Miller
This the genuine draft of an emcee drivin' the fast lane
Crazy how they act when they see how the cash came
We So independent, yeah, we showin' our ass, mayne
Twenty-Fifteen, this the year of the black reign
No hot air blowin’, bitch we bringin’ that cyclone
Let bye-gones be bye-gones while we gettin’ our shine on
Ready for whatever on these streets that we ride on
The city on fire, baby, recognize I’m home!


released May 5, 2015
Produced by Scarecrow Beats.
Recorded by Flowman at Black Ocean Studios Site 2
Mixed and Mastered by Heartbeatz



all rights reserved


Flowman Dallas, Texas

Cocky. Arrogant. Mad Genius. Disgruntled. All describe the firebrand Texan emcee known as Flowman. Positioning himself as one of the leaders of DFW's hip-hop scene, his knack for melody, songcraft, and effortless delivery makes him one of the emcees to watch in 2014 and beyond. ... more

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