LEGION: The Rise of the Primarch

by Flowman

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The third studio album by So Independent's Flowman, LEGION, displays the maturation of Flowman's sound since the release of 2010's "Next Day Delivery." Decidedly more dark and aggressive than his first two albums, Flowman enlists a literal legion of collaborators for this project, including Sinima, Adamack, Vybe, Johnny Juliano, Corbett, Atomic Beats on the production as well as Spaceship Ohayses, 2 Piece Malone, Cyren, P.S. The Rebels, Seven Knuckles, KoolBRZ, & others vocally.


released April 8, 2014

Tracks 1 and 4 produced by Vybe Beats.
Tracks 2 and 15 produced by Adamack Beats.
Tracks 3 and 14 produced by Sinima Beats.
Tracks 5, 8, 12, and 13 produced by Johnny Juliano.
Tracks 6 and 17 produced by DJ Corbett for Black Light Music.
Track 7, 9, and 16 produced by Atomic Beats.
Track 10 produced by ToneP for Flawless Tracks.
Track 11 produced by The Saint.

Album recorded at Black Ocean Studios, Site 2 (TX) and Dallas Soundlabs (TX)

Executive Producer: Flowman
Artwork by: Marty Bowles



all rights reserved


Flowman Dallas, Texas

Cocky. Arrogant. Mad Genius. Disgruntled. All describe the firebrand Texan emcee known as Flowman. Positioning himself as one of the leaders of DFW's hip-hop scene, his knack for melody, songcraft, and effortless delivery makes him one of the emcees to watch in 2014 and beyond. ... more

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Track Name: Lotta Y'all
A lotta y'all wanna ack like that I ain't that nigga
Fuck what y'all wanna thank, bitch I stack figures
[Repeat 3x]
Gotta get that work, gotta get that cash
Gotta get that

Lotta niggas wanna look crazy - nigga, fuck you, pay me
When I ask y'all what the fuck it is - I ain't got no time for maybe
American Dragon, niggas wanna slay me - it ain't no game, but they tryna play me
I had to adapt 'cause the world is changing; they call me Flow 'cause I'm so amazing
Naw, I ain't got wings, but I'm so fly so these niggas wanna hate - wanna know why?!
I was the one they told to quit, that I could neva spit - put the mic down, don't try
Man, I won't lie, feels like it was yesterday when niggas claimed they ain't heard of me
Until I got 'em right spittin' on the mic; they knew the Flow was tight & believed the hype

It's like my rhymebook's a goldmine
Been killin' mics my whole life.
They say nothin' lasts forever that's why I'm ready and down for whatever
And still I wonder why...

A lotta y'all wanna ack like that I ain't that nigga
Fuck what y'all wanna thank, bitch I stack figures
[Repeat 3x]
Gotta get that work, gotta get that cash
Gotta get that
Track Name: Hundred Years
They can't stop us! Let's get it crackin'
I'm ready to shoot - Lights, Camera, Action!
Most rappers mediocre, that's why they disappear
But I bet these people jam my CD for a hundred years!!!!

Turn me up, let the treble boost, 'bout to let it loose
I'm up and on another level, baby, yes, it's true
I'm Makin' moves inside & out the booth; I execute
Perfection's an attribute; Instead of askin' fools
What you supposed to do is stop noise pollution
'Cause Flowman's back with a grand solution:
Intelligently designed flow evolution
They can't tell me that I ain't the truth
I'm livin' proof so anything you say is moot
Made a move to the back for a running start
You complain it's hard before I'm even on my mark
Before ya break down cry screamin' "Oh My God!"
Take look in the sky, I'm a shooting star
F-L-O-W to the M-A-N, that is who I is, I'ma represent

I'm back in the game, ain't much of a thang
Bringin' the pain, b-bangin' again wit a whole lotta flame
I'ma fuckin' dragon, make shit happen in incredible fashion
Action! I don't need no lights or camera;
I be the kinda dude that'll fight ya grandma
I don't give a fuck, I'ma go ballistic
Better draw down, it's not wise to risk it
Here I is, the fuckin' sky high kid with real fire shit
And the closed eyelids! I'm psychic with that ESP
Seein' what I need - homie, can't you see?
I'ma beast uncaged every beat I rape, dawg, the flow irate
On every song I made! Boy, I'm on my way, Flowman in transit
From a studio apartment to a brand new mansion

That's just the way I step up my game
Y'all drive too slow, I'm switchin' my lane
Flowtastic, bro, way out of y'all range
Too classical, remember my name
Track Name: Burn This City
They thought I was playin’ wit ‘em
'Til I fell off in this bitch causin' cataclysm
Whooo....y'all rappers got it messed up
Walkin' 'round like y'all forgot who the best was
...is or ever will be, you know the drill
I just rap it how a playa feel, what's the deal?
...All I ever did was keep it real
Oh, you gotta lotta talent - (where’s the fuckin’ skill?!)
This is how it go down - ack like you know now
Futuristic Flow if these niggas wanna throwdown
Any speed, any type, don’t matter - I was born to get it on
Anywhere I sit is a fuckin’ throne!
Let these niggas cast a stone if they wanna get it
Another victim on the list added every minute
So let us talk business if you comin’ wit them digits
If you ain’t, nigga you can swim with the fishes!

Once again I done told y’all
The kid spit fire, can’t say I ain’t warn y’all
Take what’s mine, betta gimme the throne, dawg

Wanna talk loud? Nigga, betta simmer down
Know who you dealin’ wit? Betta ask around
It’s the Primarch of So Independent Klick
Rhyme scheme supremacist, wack rapper nemesis
Worldwide infamous, style so ridiculous
Master of the instruments, flow omnipotent
Oh you think yo shit hard? Nigga, who the fuck is listening?!
We are not equivalent - enough with the wishful shit
Take no prisoners - grant no quarter
Ain’t no weapon gonna pierce this armor
Y’all ain’t soldiers - I’m Sgt. Slaughter
Or Hollywood Hogan from the New World Order
Every day I do shit that you never thought of
Posted on the stage - you get served if you want some
Here I am, nigga, I’m mass-producin’ the flame
Bet you remember the name; I set the city ablaze
Track Name: Fire It Up (feat. 2 Piece Malone)
[Verse 1: FlowmaAnnotaten]

Feeling' so damn clean now, I don't even see how
It took 'em so long, now these haters wanna be down
So Independent Click, yeah, you know we in this bitch
I fucks wit Uncle Benjamin, he always with me in a sense
Hoes claim they innocent, but I can never trust a chick
Guilty 'til otherwise; until that time, suck a dick
They say I sound misogynist - baby, I'm economist
Money over hoes everyday, so shawty, drop the shit
I put in overtime (Whoo!!) money-making' optimized
Yeah, I'm in THE Geek Squad, but Flowman ain't no nerdy guy
Certified, A+, headed for the top spot
Next Day Delivery, Express shipping, NON-STOP
I heard you mad - Oh well! Go back and get ya dope sales!
I'm in the suburbs living' good - so no, I don't care!
Fuckin' wit them white folk done got me in the right boat
Buy them boys a round a liquor and now my squad in fight mode!

[Hook: Flowman]

People wanna judge me but they don't know what they talk about
Best for y'all to walk it out - bitch, understand I'm ballin' now
I'm all about getting' gwap; I can tell you really not
Watch me light a flame to this track and show you REALLY hot

Fire it up, fire it up, you know I fire it up, fire it up, fire it up
You know I, you know I...
(Repeat 4x)

[Verse 2: 2 Piece]

Heat these rappers up, bitch I got my belly full
Swisher looking' stuffed and you know it's smellyful
Yeah, I blow that bombay, cocky as five Kanyes
I probably hit ya mama - I'm feeling' like Delonte
Serve her like an entree then get back to the studie
They feening for my music cause you other niggas booty
I try to keep it coolie but I gotta keep a toolie
And as soon as shit get foolie I'mma shoot it like a movie!
I forget about these niggas you would think I'm on these rufies
I gotta handle business, I ain't thinkin' bout no floozy
Every beat I take a dookie, I should change my name to stoolie
And I'm always with my dog like Stewie - Bougie!!!
Bitches get no play time cause I don't have no play time
I hope you heard the news through the grapevine
Broadcast like Dateline and my flow's sharp like steak knives
Fuck you mean we don't stay live?! (Heeyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!)

[Hook: Flowman]

[Verse 3: Flowman]

Balling when I touch down, like D-Dub, I’m swagged up
I don’t really give a fuck, drank poured off in my lean cup
G’d up, all these rappers really wanna be us
So fucking Flowtastic, shawty, watch me re-up!
Rappers better D-up ‘cause now I got my greed up
Taking everything you own ‘cause I don’t rap for free, bruh!
People think I’m arrogant, but there is no comparison
To wack local rappers wit the swagger of a mannequin
All I hear is y’all talk, I’m never seeing’ y’all walk
Keep hoping that I fall off when y’all ain’t ever fell on
I’ma get my sell on, treat music as a tell-all
End-all-be-all, so high I cannot see y’all
You niggas think I need y’all; used to wanna be y’all
But I no longer think small; ratchet rappers be gone!
So sick, Flowman, Independent, know it’s in my heart to get it
Always representing until I'm fucking finished!

[Hook: Flowman]
Track Name: No Nightmares (feat. Ashleigh Munn)
Verse One:
Spent most my life lookin’ for somethin' to die for
Thought I found that somethin', but it's nothin' to cry for
Could be sentimental, but I don't got the time for
Empty platitudes, so I focus on rhymes, whore!
It ain’t what it seems, I grind and I scheme to be
The one that they need, it’s time to unleash the beast
I’ll go to extremes, whatever it takes to lead
My team is elite - you don’t know what it means to be!
It’s what I live by - if I have to - I will kill by
You shouldn’t worry ‘bout me - live life!
This what it feel like to spit it from your soul
Ask me about another way - nah - I wouldn’t know!
To keep me focused, I cock it back and keep it loaded
For those that’s bogus, a final warnin’, you put on notice
Look, I was chosen to blister tracks and leave ‘em broken
With true emotion and speak the realness that’s never spoken

I got bright lights, big cities when I get there
I dream big, I never show that I get scared
And every night I feel like I’m right there
I dream now‘cause I don’t need no nightmares

Verse Two:
I set the city on fire and it kept burnin’
Tried to each ‘em what is real but they stopped learnin’
Trust me, baby, don’t sleep on me - it’s not worth it
Don’t try and figure me out - you got the wrong version
Failure is not an option - my daddy watchin’ me
Approach this emcee with caution, there ain’t no stoppin’ me
Yeah, I’m the Juggernaut, higher than an astronaut
Sittin’ on the top of the game, I’m what you really not!
‘Cause you been fakin’ for years, just quit ya lyin’ boy!
You rockin’ out wit them Hatfields - I’m the Real McCoy!
We couldn’t be more different - yes, the kid the brilliant
I could quit spittin’ bars AND I’M STILL WORTH MILLIONS
Cause you need this understand the fact that I never did
I never hated I simply moved on to some better shit
Everytime you talk we see how low that your level is
Cause you irrelevant!

Verse Three:
I know they mad ‘cause I’m gettin’ to this money
Rap money, film money, Windows system engineer money
And now it’s funny ‘cause they still live bummy
Tryna criticize me when they life so ugly
Yet mine is far from pretty but I’m workin’ wit that bitch
Yeah, that bitch got potential, paid in full, it’s not a rental
No more being gentle, I am flossin’ my credentials
Man I once was deferential had me feelin’ so resentful
And that’s how they forget you, kill you off and dismiss you
A heavy cost to pay cause you let fraud represent you!
Had to put my foot down, guess I made an enemy
For speakin’ out the truth cause they ain’t what they pretend to be
Still it’s all good, they bangin’ SIK in all hoods
To the top, we all could, dominate, we all should
Maintain a strong push, Do it for the greater good
Keep on hatin’ on my team, man, I wish you all would!
Track Name: Conquer (feat. Seven Knuckles)
At the head of a legion, understand I'm a primarch
Bruce Willis on these niggas so you know I Die Hard
Droppin' hot shit so they fillin' up they Ipods
Ya roll thru the city in an old Buick Skylark
On my bad days, ya couldn't fuck wit this fine art
Hoes on my dick, like Ciara, betta ride hard
Roll roughshod on ya squad, boy, you know that
And thus far I done raised the bar to get the Cognac
Find me where the dough at, like I had a Lo-Jack
Know I'm feelin' throwed at every show that I flow at
Lyrically I boast - hangin' low from my ball sack
Yeah, I think I'm all that, haters betta fall back
Ball 'til I fall, you ain't know? I'ma Mall Rat
Doubtin' my perfection, go 'head, tell me: what you call that?
Every other Friday I'm comin' up on thirty tall stacks
If shawty walk away, pretty soon she gonna crawl back!

I done shed blood, sweat, and tears
Overcame fears, should’ve been dead but I’m standin’ right here
I’m stronger, goin’ harder
I stand taller, never die a martyr
‘Cause I came, I saw, I conquered it all
I came, I saw, I conquered
(I conquered it all)

My daddy told me if I want it I can have it
But I learned it takes hard work ‘cause nothing’s automatic
Cause what good is a dream if you never make it happen?
And useless is a talent if that man is lackin’ passion
It’s more than a belt that gon make a man a champion
So everyday I practice to prepare myself for action
Just know this man is packin’ - beware of my reaction
I’ve sacrificed enough - look, I took my 40 lashes!
Put team over self about a million times over
Feelin’ like Atlas with the world on my shoulders
Cause everyone wants but so few give
Lookin’ at my phone like “Can a nigga live?”
It’s my God-given burden, I guess that I deserve it
I make my people better though we’re all too far from perfect
You lookin’ at the Primarch if anything’s certain
It’s all on me and I know that I am worth it

This is more than just music or simple entertainment
It’s more than the money and the tease of being famous
When I’m on that stage I take the time to make a statement
Truth in the booth but they all too blind to face it!
Years of feelin’ like my time to shine would never come
Fightin’ battle after battle that they’d swore I’d never won
Forged like steel until my rivals equal none
Spittin’ bar after bar with more power than a gun!
This is what I stand for and I will never fall
Amongst the illest of the illest and the rawest of the raw
I been villified, spat on, and unfairly criticized
Wanna kill ‘em all, but that would be uncivilized
This is what I does, it’s the moments that I love
When it’s all said and done, it’s the hate you rise above
Doubt me if you must, ‘cause with my reign there comes a flood
So Independent on the rise and we do it all because...
Track Name: Shine
I said I really wanna live forever, could I be legendary?
To be immortal keep on movin', can't be sedentary
My daddy lives though he's buried in that cemetery
I feel his lifeforce in my veins, so grindin's necessary
I'm far from perfect, must be forceful, call me Skywalker
A mercenary, want me now? Well, make a higher offer
Awesome...that's how I'm feelin', I'm on the rise
And man, there ain't no ceilin, baby, don't you tell me lies!
These expectations hit me hard - so I must deliver
I retain focus 'cause I think of things you don't consider
Nigga...I want it all, I just wanna win
Not today, no, not tomorrow, I'm not givin' in
Remember when you took a look at me like I'm a loser
Watch what you say, I'm in that mode, I might do somethin' to ya
I'm not a killer but don't push me;
A cool cat, but don't confuse me for a pussy!

[That's why Shine!!!]
I kept my eye on the prize
I'm givin' y'all my word, take a look in my eyes
Shinin' bright in the sky, yeah, I got that fire
And not a hater in the world can deny
[That's why I Shine!!!]
I'm risin' up, I'm on another level
I want it all, I gotta ball, I'm winnin' every medal
I'm gettin' mine, it's about that time
All I had to do was trust and apply and that’s why I...

I been gettin' down since way before gravity
Hip-Hop virtuoso, this is my rhapsody
Actually, my mama sparked my love for the spoken word
Unleashin' on the track the illest melodies every heard
2 Piece named me Flow and told me "Make your rhymes last forever"
Shout out to Lyzation - always goin' hard - it made me better
Escaped the shadow standin' on my own, it won't be long
Before these people know and sing-along with every song
Chea....I'm never scared of the reaper, I been smokin' on that reefer
Sippin' syrup by the liter! I been livin' in the red, really peakin' out the meters
When that bullshit get me down, I just call my friend Alisha
Told me, "Vince, just let it go, you're too incredible
Stop chasin' after unicorns, be just like the raven, love her nevermore"
Took her advice and over time I didn't care no more
Just let go of mediocre - so exceptional!

For every person that hated or doubted just take a look at the mileage
A long road been traveled and now my ego’s been grounded
I been humbled, yeah, I tripped and I stumbled
But still I rose from the rubble when they said that I’d crumble
Learned a lotta hard lessons, I was born with a hard head
I promise I will not stop ‘til my enemies all dead
Yeah....they gotta see I’m determined;
I refuse to get fucked In this game I’m a virgin!
I told ‘em I’d deliver, I just need ‘em to sign for it
You know what I been through? I was willin’ to die for it!
Rain, sleet, or snow - no matter the weather
With a futuristic flow, just know it only gets better
From this point forward, I ain’t greedy, but I want more
Ain’t shootin’ for the top? What the fuck do you work for?
Yeah, I coulda settled, but I think that I’m worth more
I got a lot to gain, but understand that it hurts more
Track Name: The Evidence (Outro)
This is for whoever got shit confused - it’s time to prove
Forever clever, I’m so expressive, it’s time you knew
I teach these lessons, my first impression is overdue
Exhibit A:
That shit you talkin’ merely exposes your flagrant flaws
All because I’m makin’ moves - your plane has stalled
Searchin’ for blame, look in the mirror, there’s the cause
‘Cause if you’d really had balls you’d say nothin’ at all
Wanna look at Flowman crazy?! Real talk, y’all niggas is lazy!
Ain’t neva gave a fuck ‘bout me; I return that favor, ain’t shit gon change it!
Oh - y’all wanna think y’all hard now?! Like I won’t blow your spot all out?!
Ain’t shit you can do; gon’ make that move - then you see how Flowman do y’all
Cut from a different cloth - that shit must piss you off
Dad told me be who you are - that’s why I been a boss
I never claimed the title; I was just born with it!
Try if you must, you never ever gon’ get it!
Look, I ain’t gotta brag or move money in duffel bags
A honest day’s work has made me worth more than all you fags
Kudos for preparation, everyday I’m educatin’
It’s up to you if you listen - no need for explanation
Delivery Confirmation, the album comin’ soon
So if you wanna get fed, homie grab a spoon
It’s up to you if you win, I guess you like to lose
Love me or hate me? That’s up to you to choose
Who you pretend to be will never make you industry
If I’m your enemy, I’m exposin’ your identity
Pussy nigga tendencies coupled with your dependency
Obstructing my ascendancy you got to pay a penalty
There’s no less to expect – I’m the greatest spitta
So Independent member, haters gon’ remember
The track killer who keep it burnin’ in tha midst Winter
Chea! Reduce these wack emcees down to embers!
It’s what I does, love competition, it’s in my blood
Diss any rapper breathin’ only just because
Only the strongest survive and I’m out to prove it
If you ain’t about self-improvement, sucka, keep it movin’
I fought for years and only now can I see it clear
Cause people seem like they down but then the fake appears
But people don’t really hate, they just really fear
What they can’t escape so they try to kill
It’s not ability you lack – it’s about the will
To deliver greatness - no matter how you feel
That’s what He made me for, so now I must deliver
Another day of infamy – never will surrender
I find it hard to be impressed, you’d better bring ya best
Never settle for less, that’s how you earn respect
I hear you niggas upset, so man I will suggest
Like Kevin Hart say: “Nigga, say it from ya chest!”
So if you want it, I’m here - I’m never hard to find
If what I say is unclear, feel free to press rewind
It’s about that time, look in the sky and squint ya eyes
You’ll see me shinin’, once again, don’t act surprised

It’s Ninety-Trae what I represent - I’m heaven-sent
I set a precedent to render y’all irrelevant
Head of a legion, salute me, I am the President
One of the best - and my flow’s the evidence
(Repeat 2x)